Friday, October 24, 2014


They've started framing!  This may be the most exciting thing yet (ha!  I know I say that about every step!).

Yes, I walked up this little catwalk.  No, I did not like it.  Momma would not approve!

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This is from the front porch looking past a bedroom into the future living room.  The small window will be above the bathtub of the master bathroom.  What a view!  I can't get over it.  We won't be able to see another house from any of our windows... how amazing is that.

 This is the kitchen.  There will be another small window on the back wall, above the sink.

This is from the kitchen looking into the dining room and living room.  Past that are the master bathroom and bedroom.

 Looking, again, toward the master bedroom.

A view from the front bedroom looking toward the living, dining, and kitchen.
This is the back of the house.  We'll have a deck over the walk-out basement.  This is also the site of another future window, the small one over the kitchen sink.

From the front yard.

From the front yard- another nice view of the catwalk.  I said I felt like Mya Stone, the little goat-girl guide at the Eyrie.  HAHA!  What a nerd.  But both R & his dad knew exactly what I was talking about.

This is looking into a future bedroom.  Beyond that will be the hallway bathroom, our closet, and our bedroom.

What do you think?  We thought it felt really big!  We'll see what changes as interior walls go up.