Wednesday, July 13, 2016

new chalkboard!

As we are settling into married life, I'm finding myself with a LOT of extra free time.  I didn't realize how much wedding planning had taken over my life.  It's really wonderful, but, at at the same time, it was making me feel sad that our big day had come and gone.  So, I got R to help me with a little project that I've been planning for almost a year now- my kitchen chalkboard wall!

building on love: DIY chalkboard
We designed our kitchen with a large open wall, because a) we didn't anticipate needing more cabinet storage space (especially once we get laundry room cabinets installed), b) we didn't want to pay for more cabinets, and c) I thought we could add a little sideboard/coffee bar in that location.  Well, as it turns out, the space is too narrow for any furniture.  So, as we moved in and really started seeing how we'd utilize the space, I figured a giant chalkboard was a perfect fit.

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