Tuesday, August 5, 2014

my first farmhouse style kitchen

As I'm getting into the design of our new kitchen, I'm pulling up all the pictures I have of my first kitchen.  It was a custom, Amish built design, and I LOVED it.  Absolutely beautiful, with tons of light and ample storage space.  I do plan to replicate many of my favorite things about this kitchen.

There were many details I loved-
  • the hidden pull out trash
  • the huge pantry cabinets (complete with pull-out shelves)
  • giant, farmhouse style sink.  It was not an apron sink, but I loved her anyway.
  • crown molding on uppers
  • staggered height of uppers
  • island storage & seating

And just a few things I didn't love-
  • no usable "blind" lower cabinet storage space.  It was completely blocked off
  • the glass upper cabinet.  Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful.  But, soo not practical for storage of anything useful.  I didn't have a whole lot of usable upper cabinet space, so this was kind of a waste for me.  I wouldn't do another glass cabinet again, unless I had much more room, and several additional uppers.  It was a wonderful place to display my polish pottery!
  • can lights over the island
  • laminate counters
  • white appliances (blah, blah, I know... get over it.  haha!)
Without further ado... some pictures of my BEAUTIFUL farmhouse style southern Wisconsin kitchen.  This was a huge reason my first house sold so quickly!

There first 4 are listing pictures from when I was selling:
Building on Love - Farmhouse Kitchen

Building on Love - Farmhouse Kitchen

Building on Love - Farmhouse Kitchen

Building on Love - Farmhouse Kitchen

This last one is when I first moved into the house.  You can see my design style hadn't quite come into shape yet.  The window over the sink looked into a big, fenced yard.  There was no need for the curtain!  It didn't last long.  Neither did all that wine!
Building on Love - Farmhouse Kitchen