Friday, August 15, 2014


As we're not so patiently waiting for our appraisal, I've been focusing on paint colors.  I've never had an open concept home before, so the task of choosing a color that will work for the kitchen, dining, & living rooms is daunting!  That being said, I'm leaning toward Sherwin-Williams copen blue.  I am a bit hesitant, and likely will be until I can put a sample on some fresh drywall, but for now it's the front-runner!

building on love paint colors
I know I want the master bedroom in gray, I'm thinking the knitting needles would be great in our master, and the master closet.  For the office, I'm dreaming of mint.  It's very similar to the color we have in our current bedroom, and I LOVE it, but think it's better suited for an office rather than a master.

At this point, I'm still mulling over what to put in the spare bedroom, laundry room & bathrooms.  I'll probably do both bathrooms the same color {likely based on what vanity we pick}, and the laundry room may end up whatever color we have leftover.  HA!  But seriously, we are responsible for painting the entire house.  The builder will have primer & a coat of white completed, but anything else is our responsibility to bid out, do ourselves, or throw a paint party & beg our friends and family to help out with.  wink.wink.nudge.nudge.  Good thing R & I are decent painters!