Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Building a new house means there is a TON of landscaping work to be done.  Last summer we created flower beds and planted grass.  Over the Fall, and again in the Spring, I planted a few things- some bulbs, peonies, hydrangea, lilac, and more.  But, the flowers that are really making an appearance this Summer are the seed packets I received as a gift at my bridal shower.  My favorite is this ever-growing Morning Glory.

Building on Love: Morning Glory

I'm in love!  I just tossed these seeds in the flower bed and crossed my fingers.  This vine is an annual, & I'm planning to plant them every year from now on.

My hydrangeas are growing a little lately, but I'm not expecting flowers for at least another year.  The peonies are slow moving- I think I need to relocate them to a location with more direct sunlight hours.  The lilac growth seems to have totally stunted!  But, I'm remaining patient.  I want to plant another batch of perennials this Fall.  Any suggestions?