Thursday, February 6, 2014

floor plan sneak peek

We are meeting with a builder for the first time tomorrow!  A million things are running through my head.  We do have a preferred floor plan, but there are some things we want to change.  The biggest one being to flip the entire thing!  But here's (more or less) what we're thinking.

This is the flipped original.  Swapping the garage to the other side work much, much better for the lot.  It's a must have.  It's a little over 1,600 square feet, which I think will be perfect for us.  We will have the option to finish the basement down the road to add some square footage, too.  We are under 30 years old, but planning our FOREVER home.  We wanted enough living space, while also really thinking about utility bills down the road  (it's COLD here!).  I've never lived in an open concept layout, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around what this will be like to actually live in!

Here are the changes we want to incorporate.  Because the basement won't be finished right away, I really don't want an open staircase.  It'll help keep the upstairs warmer in winter time, and help keep any potential tiny humans away from a flight of stairs.  I shortened up the island.  I think seating 2 is more than enough considering the dining table will be steps away.  That also leaves me some room to add a big 'ole hutch on the empty kitchen wall (Craigslist time!).  I switched the master bathroom layout, and removed the "water closet" wall.  I really don't think we'll need that- we're never in the bathroom at the same time.  Never.  I doubt we'll even need a double vanity, but oh well.  Other than that, added a couple windows in the bedrooms, and moved the garage door closer to the front of the garage.

I'm still thinking about moving the fire place.  I think it'd be nice in the corner, but it may make decorating more difficult.  I'm also playing around with the idea of a walk in pantry.  I think we could move the washer/dryer/sink to the same wall, and make the laundry room smaller.

Feels good to get my initial thoughts on paper!  This whole process is brand new to us, so here's hoping this whole thing isn't thrown out the window tomorrow!  Until then... A