Wednesday, February 4, 2015


How is it February already?  I can't believe our initial January move-in date has come & gone.  It's hard to be bummed about it, because we've been so busy!

Drywall is almost complete.  It sounds like they have plans to get out and mud this week, maybe even today.  After that comes paint!  It's going to move much more quickly now.  We are loving it, because we are able to run the furnace now.  Certainly much better than working in these UP temperatures, even with the thermostat set at about 50 degrees.

In other news, the basement is insulated.  We are going to leave this as shown here, and finish it ourselves down the road.  We have some plans for a family room & a future bathroom and sauna.

We have most of our lighting purchased, and about 80% of our paint colors picked out.  We also ordered our bathroom vanities.  There are still about 1,000 decisions to make, but it feels like we're getting somewhere!