Tuesday, November 18, 2014

underground service

We had an eventful weekend!  With the help of R's parents, we got the underground service installed to the house.  It was a hell of a job with the 24+ inches of snow and frozen ground.  Not to mention the running around needed to rent a ditch witch this late in the season.  But, we decided that burying the electrical was our best bet.  We love the look of it {the fact that you can't see it!} and hopefully it'll be maintenance free for years to come.

check out this snow!  yikes!  I think our January move in date will be pushed back a few months.
R (and his dad) are licensed electricians, so I had fun learning how to get this installed.  It was also a huge cost savings doing this ourselves.  The downside- it was freezing and snowy.  I think we had a high temperature just over 20 degrees.  brr.

digging through cold, cold ground

trench is almost ready.  backfilling frozen dirt was really tough!
R hard at work
the finished product!  I love that there are no overhead wires running to the house.
Today we're going out to place boxes for receptacles.  I LOVE that I get to be so hands-on planning the electrical.  We're going to wire and pre-wire for just about everything we can think of.

Here's a little sneak peak at our shingles!  A package blew off the roof, so we got to see the color in person.  Weatherwood, it's called.  It's a medium to dark brown.  Behind that 7 foot high snow pile is our front porch.  

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I realize I have a few more pictures that I never posted.  Here are some views of the framing and trusses before the snow fell.

This is looking toward the front door, and the site of the open staircase to the basement.

From the dining room, looking toward the hallway to bedroom and bathrooms.

 The first few days with a roof.  It went up just in time!  This is the front porch.

The view from the garage side of the house.  This is the laundry room window and the side door to the garage.