Tuesday, November 4, 2014

my {latest} favorites

What I'm obsessing over lately!

1 - hickory cabinets
source: pinterest
I'm not loving the reddish hue of natural oak, and I know I want a light wood in the kitchen.  Maple may be too light (and too pricey), and I've really start falling for a clean hickory.  This wood's natural pattern can get pretty crazy, and you never really know what you're going to get.  But, I'm liking that.

2 - marble countertops, with full tile backsplash

source: my old country house

I love when there's no counter backsplash riding up onto the wall, and the tile can go all the way down to the counter.  I think it just looks a little neater, cleaner, and then there's no weird depth difference, or rounded lip of laminate where it meets tile.  Guess what- these counters pictured are formica!  Woop!

3 - beadboard guest bathroom
source: jennasue
I'll probaby have to get a jump on this soon- I'd like this installed during construction.

4 - built in bench/landing station
source: house updated
This one is put on our DIY list for after we move in.  I've got the perfect spot planned out for this, right at the garage entrance, near the kitchen.  It's going to end up being the door we use most, so I'm hoping this will contain the clutter.

5 - built in bookcases (living room)
source: pinterest
Another one for after we move in.  I'm going to need some time living in the space before I figure out what will work best here.

6 - laundry storage
source: pinterest
Although we have tons of room, we aren't installing cabinets in our laundry room during construction.  This is for a few reasons, but mostly it's because we blew the budget on kitchen cabinets.  We didn't want to settle for cheap cabinets in the space we'll use the most.  After we're in the house, I'm going to start planning what we want in the laundry room.  I know some storage is a must, along with an area to hang/dry clothes.  I think some pre-fab cabinets in a fun color are in our future.

7 - board & batten entrance
source: jennasue
This is another project on my DIY to-do list after we move in.  I don't think we'll be lacking for things to keep us busy!