Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Last night we sat down to review some options for siding, exterior doors, roofing, windows, interior doors, and trim!  I think we have 90% of our decisions made, and the budget will dictate the last few choices.  It's a good feeling.

We're going with Cypress siding by CertainTeed, with this front door by Mastercraft in emerald (forest) green.

The roof will likely be something like this Castlebrook 35 by Atlas in weathered wood.

I don't have much to say on windows- the big decision was weather to add grilles or not.  We opted not to.  As much as I love the way the look on the outside of the house, we really didn't want anything obstructing our view from the inside of the house.  Considering we have a large plot of land, and no real neighbors, we opted for bright fresh clean widows.  I will tell you they are Jeld-Wen double hung in white.

Interior doors and trim were originally bid as white, so we're sticking with that rather than paying for an upgrade to wood.  Wood trim would be absolutely lovely, but I think it may also make the house feel smaller.  I've always been a sucker for clean, white, trim and I am planning on adding crown molding down the line.  So white is just fine by me!  We are planning for light wood cabinets and light wood floors in the entry, kitchen, and dining areas.

Today I went to look at more flooring, faucets, and light fixtures.  I have a feeling these are going to be some of our more difficult design choices.  Better to start early, I guess!  My favorite kitchen faucets are both by Delta, the Berkley & Ashton.  I really didn't want a pull-down faucet when we first started searching, but it's was nearly impossible for me to find one that I liked. :(  These are both so similar, I'm not sure which we'll go with.  Maybe the one with better reviews.

I'm starting to get my first real waves of insecurity.  Pinterest is such a wonderful resource, but in my design choices, I've found it can be really discouraging.  We don't have the budget to build a mansion, so I'm focusing really hard on not letting all the pictures of million dollar homes get me down.  Last night I was trying to pick a front door, and we found one in menards that I just LOVED.  I came home to try to find a picture of it in green online, and all I can find is pictures of enormous entryways, with sidelights, and TWO front doors.  Well, we're only going to have one front door... and I have to remind myself that it's not going to be the end of the world!  When it's all said & done, this IS our dream house.  I think when we have more of a house to love, and less internet research to do, things will lighten up.  I really want this to be perfect, so every decision is a little bit stressful!